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what is KickOff App?

Kick Off app vision is that every athlete his or her talents in a safe and fun way to be able to share in the sports community. The pleasure of the beautiful moment was filmed can be shared during the sporting action and relives.

KickOff app provides all sports fans the opportunity to scout skills and share with the community. There's a scout in everyone! KickOff provide equal opportunities! Sport is for everyone. And everyone, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, national origin or religion, should therefore be able to participate.

Whether you play soccer, tennis or any other sport practiced, the KickOff sports community app encourages every individual and team to get the most out of themselves.

The Kickoff platform offers every athlete a stage in the "front row" to scout such talents.

About KickOff

KickOff is a unique sports community app talent.The app provides talent the opportunity to share their best and finest skills with scouts and (professional) clubs. Parents, coaches and young talents worldwide now own their best and finest sports action items. The app makes this talent within the club, regional, national and even worldwide visible and is a welcome addition to the current scout system of many clubs, which now also have expressed interest and have teamed with us, see our site for our partners.

Scouts of clubs have only a limited scope now. Lots of talent therefore has no chance to be noticed internally or externally. With KickOff app scope of scouts is a lot bigger.Sponsers and Scouts who are joining KickOff via a specially built back-end access to the app, so they can find specific hidden talent. The back-end gives clubs at whatever level, valuable information on good players.

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